Press fest Austin

Nov 12 2016 | 11am - 6pm | Urban Co-Lab
1818 E 12th St 78702

Press fest austin 2016

Free Rent Atx is proud to present Press Fest 2016, Nov 12th at Urban Co-Lab.

Zines Glore!

Check out zines, comics, and other independently published and DIY materials from authors and makers across the country.

Free Fun

Press Fest is a free event open to the public. It is held at the lavish Urban Co-Lab. Our sponsors will be providing beverages. How great is that?


Get your hands dirty! Participate in zine culture by learning about zine history and how to put together mini zines at our zine workstations.


Who we are and what we are about.
Free Rent Atx is a local zine who promotes art culture

We are a non-profit group of artists that decided to create a local zine not only to expose other artists, but simply to make and share art. Easy as that. We are all broke, we are all not famous in any way, and we have no idea what to do with our lives! The one thing we do know is how passionate we are about what we do. We encourage you to do what YOU are most passionate about! Some may say this is a waste of time, others might agree with our message, but either way we cannot ignore the gifts we were born with. In conclusion, we do art for art's sake.


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We are an artist run international analog photography collective based in NYC. We specialize in raw, emotional, evocative, and erotic imagery.
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Catahoula is a quarterly zine based in New Orleans, LA. Each issue features a bevy of international writers and artists featuring work on a singular theme. Previous themes have included feminism, wanderlust and fashion.
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Mike Prezzato

I self publish comics and do the occasional freelance work, most notably for Boom Studios, IDW, and Magnetic Press/Buno Publishing. Zoptic Press is my outlet for putting out odd book-things like collage/comic experiment ZONE B, illustration zine FAKE WRESTLERS, and standard size comics like SKELETON CREW.
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Kidd Snyder

20 year old artist residing in Austin, TX. I create and sell prints, zines, t shirts, hand painted denim & stickers, and have done commissions for bands around town. My work revolves around a constantly expanding and evolving cast of characters, vibrant and full of wit.
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Ashley Robin Franklin

:I am a comic artist and illustrator. I have a couple of printed comics (that are all hand drawn/colored and feature queer female characters and the paranormal). I work mostly in color. I am also just a big maker… I make bags with hand carved stamps, I screen print a little, and am also an avid art journaler.
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Chanel Wilkins

My zines are usually about monsters, other mythical beings (witches, mermaids, etc.) and food. Sometimes I make fanzines, but those make me nervous because yeah. I love focusing on different body and hair types, and my themes tend to fall into the realm of urban fantasy.
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ANON Magazine

ANON Magazine is an online, blog-style magazine and a bi-annual print magazine based in Austin that serves as a platform for young creatives to diverge from the traditional mindset and share their work and ideas.
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Chris Moody

Into traveling all around the country (never left north america) and printing 35mm photographs into zines; keen on experimenting with colored/recycled papers. grew up in the texas hill country and am returning to stay for the winter. I’ve got some cool zines fresh outta my basement. <3
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Peach Fuzz

e’re Peach Fuzz, a print-only, lady-run, sex-positive literary and arts magazine out of Austin, TX. In any issue, you’ll find analog-only photo spreads, articles, short stories, art of all medium, interviews, poetry, recipes, and of course, babes on babes on babes.
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Gino Dal Cin

A lot of my work tends to be filled with visual references to work that I admire with a strong focus on developing character design, the rest is filled with small comics and personal illustrations aimed at the mundanity of human existence and coping with loss/loneliness. So, you know, really happy and fun stuff.
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Hannah Bae

Hannah Bae is an illustrator living in New York City.
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YetiParade (Carissa Cornelius) is an artist living in Austin, TX. Her work gravitates primarily around the cute, the colorful, and the mildly unsettling. The art of YetiParade is a bit feisty and likes to take differents forms, such as mini paintings, prints, stickers and zines. Boo ya!
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Stephanie Davison

i’m 28 and owe the library $6. i listen to npr or classical music while i drive which usually leads to me crying or getting weepy. that probably makes me unfit for operating heavy machinery. i like telling passengers that because i’m half asian and a female that there’s really no pressure for me to be a good driver.
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Elisa Wikey

Now based in the funky weird city of Austin, TX, Elisa’s portfolio has evolved beyond just books to include a variety of creative endeavors like web comics, prints, assemblage, and graphic design. Her work is influenced by picture books, Lowbrow, Americana, any culture with a bad attitude, and has been most often described as ‘HA! That’s funny!’ It’s also been said to flirt with a dangerous sense of humor and is fun to look at by children aged 1 to 67.2, the average life expectancy in the world today.
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One Love Art Co

My boyfriend and I are 25 y/o artist that just started our company One Love Art Co. We do murals, zines, paintings, etc. The goal is to collab and promote other positive artists like ourselves :)
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Rough House Comics

We are a group of friends and cartoonists originating from Austin, TX who publish a yearly short comics anthology and enjoy hanging out with each other and probably you.
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Enjoy This Stuff

Hi :) I am a freelance illustration artist and a full time graphic designer. I love to draw and share my work with the world. My goal is to make art, not war! I enjoy drawing and currently have a cute, sci-fi yaoi zine called Spaceboyz!
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Nola Lee

Nola Lee is an artist, maker of things and destroyer of snacks based in the Queen City. Her work focuses on all things whimsical and curiously creepy cute. She works in a variety of mediums such as paint and fiber but feels most at home whipping up zines and comics with her trusty brush and ink.
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Hey Lady

Hey Lady is a feminist collaborative art quarterly. Each issue is a collection of original art portraying one woman. The contributing artists vary in each issue and include people from all over the world. Current issue is out now and features Yayoi Kusama!
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Dizziness of Freedom

Dizziness of Freedom is a small, New Mexico based publisher of mostly short run publications, recordings, and artworks. The focus of our projects tends to be on deep marginalization of peoples, economic and social justice, and conceptual new art and media.
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Lakeem Wilson

I’m originally from Dallas, but have been living in Austin for 7 years. I attended UT as a studio art major, after graduation I decided to pursue the arts and find ways to go involved in the creative community in Austin.
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Wizard of Barge

Weirdo artist from the depths of Houston, TX specializing in monsters, wizards, and bad humor.
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Brooklyn Jones

Hey there, my name is Brooklyn Jones but a lot of my friends just call me “Ingo”. I was born and raised here in Austin and have been creating art for as long as I can remember. I adore Ink work and try to fill my pieces with as much style and detail as possible. I’m very excited to share my work with this great city!
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Smear Magazine

We are an online and print magazine showcasing student work in journalism, art and creative writing. With a focus on millennial voices, SMEAR allows for a variety of perspectives on feminism, current issues and local happenings. We’re an independent publishing platform based out of Austin, Texas, baby!
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POMEgranate Magazine

POMEmag is an internet magazine for witchy goofballs that are also big huge nerds. We publish smart, strange content for thoughtful and sensitive weirdos. We are a feminist publication full of dweebs who consume a lot of media and have a lot of Feelings about the state of this desolate mortal plane we all share.